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Yuri Gitahy Yuri Gitahy

Yuri Gitahy

(BSc, MSc, MBA) 

After building his first startup at 19, Yuri worked for fifteen years as a tech founder and executive, managing millions of users and teams from people to finance. He started investing in 2008 and founded Brazil's first startup accelerator, supporting thousands of founders over the years and reaching millions of readers with content on innovation and venture capital. He started CxO to help founders, investors, and organizations with a data driven approach to capital and business execution.  


 “Yuri teaches investors as much as founders, and if more people acted like him, we would have a much more mature investment industry.”

Francisco Jardim, SP Ventures

 “Yuri's work with startups leverages his experience and connections on the venture market. If he supports a company, I’m interested in investing.”

Michael Nicklas, Valor Capital Group

 “Yuri is one of the few who trully undertstand the challenges and rewards of being a pioneer in venture capital. As a visionary with an incredible capacity to execute, he's the first name I'd look up to.”

Pierre Schurmann, Nuvini

 “With a crystal clear view of any startup stage, Yuri was a fundamental figure in our company history: from business plan to launch, including guidance on venture deals and infrastructure“

Marco Fisbhen, Descomplica

 “Yuri is highly engaged and one of the main players in the local ecosystem. He helped shape and develop the Startup SC program supporting 1,000+ founders over ten years.” 

Alexandre Souza, Startup SC