Save time and opex, reduce risk

CxO can dramatically boost open innovation programs and corporate ventures operations.  

Learn how we can speed up screening, guide due diligence, and help de-risk your CVC strategy.


Startup selection: great value, zero hassle

CxO powers a backstage, confidential operation for angel investors, angel groups, accelerators, funds, M&A offices, and corporate ventures.

Our reporting tool helps qualify deals with a 90+ NPS. If CxO doesn't save you time and costs, we'll service you for free.


How it works

CxO works in parallel to any dealflow analysis process, easily integrated with Airtable, Trello, Google Workspace, and other common tools used by investors.

  • 1

    Founders click a button

    At any time, a branded page will be ready to qualify potential investments and portfolio companies.

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    Founders enter startup data

    Skip a whole screening call while CxO gathers data from founders, referencing the newest execution playbooks for startups.

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    Rely on the report for analysis

    CxO will send you a detailed report with a comparable score of execution efficiency and attention points for analysis. 


9 key benefits

  • Flexible + Plug and play

    CxO Reports is white label and quickly integrates into the analysis process.

  • Priorities first

    An ordered list shows which startups should be investigated first.  

  • Faster screening

    All the right questions save time and costs when screening dealflow.

  • Smarter due diligence

    Red flags are detected earlier than usual to save diligence costs.

  • Post-investment roadmap

    What key issues must be improved by each startup after the first tranche?

  • Portfolio visualization

    Clusterize your portfolio to know how well each startup manages operation.

  • Monitor portfolio evolution

    See right through sparkling flash reports by monitoring operation efficiency. 

  • Time for an intervention?

    Find out if a portfolio company is doing worse than expected, and take action.

  • Recommend CxO

    If a startup needs fixing, CxO will help founders improve execution.

Visualize portfolio efficiency

At a glance, understand where each portfolio company stands according to operation efficiency and deep dive to identify execution gaps.

CxO can diagnose your entire portfolio, cluster similar operations and suggest roadmaps for improvement on Marketing, Sales, People, Product and other areas.

Report: Execution efficiency

Confidential advisoring and support

Test drive our NPS 90+ service for a small budget.

CxO advises corporations on their CVC strategy, combining 20+ years of experience in enterprise, startups, and venture capital, both operating and investing.

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